Tamil Heritage Month 2019 Opening Ceremony

Tamil Heritage Month was started in 2010 and aims to celebrate the history of Canada’s Tamil community and its contribution to the social, cultural, political and economic strength of Canada. While recognizing our accomplishments and tracing our roots, Tamil Heritage Month will provide opportunities to celebrate Tamils’ history in Canada as well.

The objectives of Tamil Heritage Month are:
1. To celebrate the richness of the Tamil language and literature
2. To celebrate the traditions, arts and culture of Tamils around the world
3. To educate Canadians of all backgrounds about the language, traditions and history of the Tamil people
4. To highlight the achievements of Tamils in various fields both in the past and the present
5. To advance the growth and prosperity of Tamils

In addition to attending our Opening Ceremony, we encourage your organization to host your own Tamil Heritage Month event during the month of January. We will be happy to support you in any way possible.

Our Vision

Markham Tamil Organization is committed to addressing social, political and economic needs of the community by bringing tens of thousands of Tamil residents in Markham together. It also aims to work collaboratively with other diverse communities to build a strong Markham. In addition, it brings together Tamils in Markham to promote Tamil culture, history, identity and tradtions. MTO will also work towards promoting community engagement amongst the Tamils. In addition, this organization will act as a bridge between the Tamils and local institutions, schools, politicians, media, community agencies, other communities etc. Last but not least, MTO will actively work towards protecting the human rights of Tamils in Sri Lanka.