About Us

Markham Tamil Organization is a non-partisan and non-profit organization committed to addressing the cultural, social, and economic needs of the community by bringing together tens of thousands of Tamil Canadians in Markham. It aims to work collaboratively with other diverse communities for social change and to build a strong Markham. Founded in November 2008, the organization aims to promote Tamil culture, traditions, and history among Tamil Canadians in Markham. Markham Tamil Organization also works towards fostering community engagements amongst its residents. The organization acts as a bridge between Tamil Canadians and local institutions, schools, public officials, media outlets, community agencies and other communities.


Markham Tamil Organization's vision is to build a united, culturally rich, and vibrant Tamil Canadian community in Markham.


  • To be the voice of the Markham Tamil community
  • To promote and share Tamil heritage, richness of our language and culture with the wider Canadian community
  • To encourage charitableness and volunteerism within the Markham community
  • To foster the social and economic development of Tamil Canadians in Markham